Classic Kombis

Classic Kombis

Cape Town - Western Cape

About Classic Kombis

I focus mainly on sourcing and supplying old school VW vehicles for weddings and stills photo shoots. Depending on the brief, I also supply these picture vehicles to the the thriving film and advertising industry in the Western Cape. With fantastic locations all over South Africa these industries have recaptured by-gone era’s such as the 1960’s and 70’s hippie era.

Wedding Camper Van Photoshoot

Clients from the UK have used the old school hippie busses or “campervans” to recreate a picnic in 1976, with the Franschhoek area standing in for the South of France. An Italian advertising agency used an old clipper (VW bus) to recreate the “summer of love” with Stellenbosch posing as an American university town in 1969. And of course the “surfer bus” scene has been set many times using a variety of our vans.

I take great pride in sourcing the greatest and most unique of these vans and other similar vehicles. Working with location scouts and Art Departments from various agencies and productions from all over the world and locally have given a great sense of what the client needs. Feel free to contact me to find out about the availability of our fantastic vans and any related props and some advise on locations.